His real name is JOSEPH CARECCIA. He has taken the name of his wife/mistress of Colombo. He must realize if you knew his real name you would google it and find all you need to know about this thief.

I trace his life of crime back to Long Island, NY. When he was barely in his teens he stole his grandmother's check books and forged her name.

He once owned a tanning salon in Rockville Centre, NY. When he learned there was going to be a newer and more upscale salon around the corner from his store he conned his cousin to buy the store from him. He didn't tell her of his debt and she trusted him because they were family. She had to assume the debt. Joe wiped her and her father out.

He quickly went full bore into a life of crime. committed scores of burglaries, home invasions, sold drugs, burned out a store in Yonkers, NY. Although he pled guilty for those crimes he never did a day in jail.

He then relocated to Florida where he operated several mortgage business with other related businesses, including a real estate company and a Title company. He did all this while he was on probation in Florida for crimes he committed on Long Island.

I believe I drove him out of the mortgage/bank fraud business and he opened up Uncle Joe's Auto Sales, Big Apple Towing, and a couple of other related companies all with the intention of defrauding people. He outright stole 15 cars from someone doing business with him and stole two very expensive towing trucks from that individual. Again, nothing happened to him.

I believe he is an informant for the FBI because there is no other way he could avoid arrest for the crimes he has committed and continues to commit.

I would suggest to his latest victims that they band together and go to you local FBI office and demand they stop this cretin from stealing money from honest people. IMO, it is the FBI or some other federal law enforcement agency that enables him to steal and know he will not have to account for his crimes.

Reason of review: outright theft..

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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wow what can I say...nothing nice....went to see car....windshield was broke....out of gas and engine light was on......gave them back the keys....I wasn't born yesterday....don't deal with these guys..................................

Elmont, New York, United States #1221246

You damned well know who I am and why I am posting these messages. I am the former father in law of Raymond Montefusco, the man you lied against at his trial in February, 2006.

The person you lied for is now sitting in a federal jail and has since been there since the time of his arrest in December, 2015. That person's name is James C. Burke who was then the Chief of Police of the Suffolk PD. He is expected to be sentenced on 11/2/16 for other crimes he committed on another person.

At the time you lied for him you he was the Chief Investigator for DA Spota. His other criminal detectives will soon join him in jail once this case is finished.

He was your neighbor from 1998-2002, you lived at 12 Sammis Street and he lived at #2.

Trust me Joe i am the least of your problems.

Yeah, I spoke to your cousin in Rockville Centre when you sold her your Tanning Salon.

How do you think I found you in Arizona?

to Anonymous #1421705

He now resides in Florida doing business again at EZ OWN CAR SALES WPB & GLOBE MORTGAGE FT LAUDERDALE & arizona also owns a house in cave creek arizona & his parents Also own property there.

Elmont, New York, United States #1221209

Joe Careccia AKA Joe Colombo has an obituary listed for Careccia stating that he died in Arizona 1/16. I believe that to be a lie put out there by Careccia.


Who the *** are you trolling people running your mouth reveal your name & # he never stole tow trucks or cars the father & son were thrives & tried to screw him & owe me so get your facts straight always a crooked *** retired lapd or nypd get a dam life leave the man alone go to Florida & reveal your self

to Anonymous #1429714

Sup Joe call me 305-302-0007 -Dan

You know it’s me cause I paid for your abortion, with my sister at the same time out side I signed the 2000 a week lease paper work for the 2006 white mbz500. All my cars were black except for the mbz, Muffin, limo, Vitiman B, You included your bedroom set with the lease, iron rods lions feet green marble eggs at top.

Sarah real estate stripper, oh oh the victor hotel... yeah it’s me bro. Last I saw you was in Cali when my sister left with you from hotel, Your not dead..you *** better not be, less than 3 weeks after Kim died too naw..

call me I got you bro. Hope your well miss you Dude.

to Dan The Man #1493810

Are u the son of ex lapd cop


Unfortunately I was a victim of this piece of trash. With a tottle loss of 5K.

Someone really needs to put this guy away.


Who wrote this I would like to know who you are writing all this stuff

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